One of my favourite quotes is as follows: ‘It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors’ by Oscar Wilde.

In summary, what i have taken away from this is that a persons idea of the art says more about the person that the art itself.

Personally, i do not think this is thought about enough. Yes, art is beautiful and can be portrayed in multiple ways but the beauty of it is that art can be percepted differently depending on the person. There are various factors that could influence how it is seen and peoples attitude to it.  However, one thing many fail to understand is that there is more to art than beauty. Art is a weapon. Yes, a weapon often overlooked by the generics but thrived by the minority. It can raise awareness on contemporary political issues and educate its audience to an extent where it can be the reason for the progression of humanity. This is known as renewal and regeneration.

An art i am very fond of is literature. The art of writing. The idea of being able to write freely to an extent where your ideas can flow from your brain to paper whilst influencing people as well as having your say. It is a method of protest. Peaceful but powerful. It doesn’t have to be serious, in fact, it can be comic but the serious underlying tone of the point you are trying to bring across is what truly matters.

Lastly, i want you to understand that your opinions and interpretations say more about you than the topic you are analysing. So next time, think about this,re-evaluate, think then come to a conclusion about who you are.

p.s. this is a short piece on a passion of mine which may be absurd to some, confuse some or relate to some. It is somewhat an introduction to what i intend to divulge next about peoples opinions on certain controversial topics that have become the source of some violence in the modern world.