France has banned burkinis in all its beaches and anybody seen wearing it is to be fined. I am unable to comprehend why when a women is seen dressed in a way where she is covering herself, she is seen as a threat. What saddens me is that the dress of modesty has been associated with terrorism and extremism when in fact it is what makes a Muslim woman feel comfortable and protected. I need everybody to understand that by not allowing the burkini, you are asking a woman to undress herself and be clad in either a bikini or swimsuit. Now, i am in no way stating that there is something wrong with wearing a bikini or swimsuit nor am i shaming anybody who dresses this way because everybody is free to dress how they like, isn’t that so? However what interests me is that a covered woman who is maintaining the hijab is seen to be a threat and when a women wears little clothing she is branded as a slut, a whore, an attention seeker whilst being viewed as a sexual object by men.

We need to wake up to the fat that we cannot keep allowing powerful politicians, who mind you are majoritarily men, tell women what they can and cannot wear. How could wearing a burkini be considered problematic? A burkini is made of appropriate swim material, it protects the skin from the suns harmful rays and allows Muslim women to enjoy a day at the beach with their families. If it bothers anyone to such an extent, and i don’t see why it would, then that is a personal issue they must deal with themselves and should not be a reason to bring about such a drastic law due to the obnoxiousness of the minority. To inflict racist ideologies on people depicts a persons foolishness due to the irrationality of the concept and the fact no serious or firm case can be made to support such a mindless prospect.

I find this ignorance impossible to digest and it infuriates me knowing that one man with arbitrary power can decide how women of a certain religion should dress and control them as if they were brainless puppets. Modest dress is empowering, that i can assure you, and what bothers the people is the uniqueness, difference and anonymity that comes with being a scarf clad Muslim in this era. This is because this is one thing the leaders of today have no control of and will never have control of. They are used to brainwashing the population with mass media and the false idea of patriotism. Their only power is to turn the people against  Muslims as if they have not been the root cause for the oppression being inflicted on the people of the Middle East.

Also, may i add that if a western woman who enjoyed a day at the beach, in a Muslim country such as Dubai, wearing a bikini or swimsuit was told to cover herself or dress herself, there would be world wide outrage. Muslims would then be labelled as the ‘radical’, ‘oppressive’ and forceful in imposing their religion. Whereas, did anyone really care about France’s new law other than Muslims themselves and even if some did, it died down pretty soon.

And on that note i shall end my rant and leave you to think about this concept. Are Muslims becoming victims of indirect oppression?