The twenty first century. What a great era in time to to be alive i think, would you not? Intelligence has soared drastically allowing everything to be available under our fingertips, with just a click of a button. The good and the bad, but do we use this to our advantage?

However, I cannot say the same about the society we live in today. Most of us do live the monotonous and humdrum life of waking up to the same routine everyday and sadly gawk at the lives of the ever so glamorous  celebrities. And why lie? why even deny the fact that at many points in our life we envied them so much that we wanted to be them. I cannot say i myself have not fallen victim to adhering to my phone just to stay up to date on celebrity drama. We do this because we feed off of their lives, the lives we know we may well not live. I assure you, if i were to stop anyone on the street and ask them who Kim Kardashian is, they would reply instantly. Some may thrive off of her and look up to her which surprises me because, yes, she is a public figure but  has she really achieved anything major or worthwile in her life? No. Who is SHE for us to look up to? Nobody. So tell me, does her lifestyle, expensive clothing and money make her better than any of us? No, it does not, so why worship her.

However it saddens me that many people will know the name of a ‘famous person’ but not be aware of the current affairs occurring in the world. The people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and others who are suffering day in day out in their war torn countries. Celebrity charity events are a complete and utter joke. It is shameful to imagine that these people think that them dressing up in the most expensive clothing and dining the most exquisite food will raise awareness. It leaves me so speechless that i am unable to structure a sentence to explain everything wrong with the idea of this. But i’ll leave you to realise why exactly this is wrong.

What triggered my need to divulge this article was not my ‘jealousy’ or ‘hate’ towards celebrities yet, on the train i observed a girl my age reading the metro newspaper and what struck me the most was that she flicked through all the major, thought provoking and saddening stories unphased. All she really cared about was getting her daily dose of celebrity drama. Once she was done, she turned to her friend and explained her distress over her celebrity crush being in a relationship. Is this really where we have succumbed to as a society. I was shocked.

I urge you to look at the ‘TIME: person of the year nominees’ You will see some deserving people and some which will make you think ‘well, what have they done?’ Exactly. Because apparently nowadays not going to university or doing something worthwhile is overlooked but being a celebrity is a great achievement. And people wonder why we humanity is deteriorating.

Here is the link if you’d like to see the nominees for this year:

The message i am trying to bring across here is educate yourselves and not just by burying yourself in books and your studies but stay up to date with current affairs. Speak out on what you disagree on. Challenge others and question everything because change can only happen when collectivism thrives and it can only thrive with ambition.